onlyFE One Job Board Fits All? Don’t Put All Your Job Ads Into One Recruiting Basket

One Job Board Fits All? Don’t Put All Your Job Ads Into One Recruiting Basket

Another academic year quickly draws to a close and, once exam halls and prom discos have been tidied up, thoughts will turn to the Autumn term. July has been identified as the prime time for recruiting new College principals and it’s also the ideal opportunity for teaching and support staff to move on to new challenges.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned about the most effective way to find the right employees for your further education College.

Recruiting tactics for getting the most from job boards

Employment websites, or job boards, are a great resource for academic institutions. They enable you to link up with a large number of suitable job hunters and give you the chance to read lots of promising resumes that people post on them.

Here are a few tips we offer our clients for using job boards:

  • Do your research and focus on the right job boards that attract the sort of people you’re looking for. Don’t waste your efforts with a scattergun approach.
  • Build a presence on the board so that applicants become familiar with your brand. You’re competing for the best candidates, so you want consistent exposure.
  • Get your job advert right. It needs to use familiar terms for job titles and responsibilities, give all the relevant details and contain the right keywords for candidates searching on Google – think SEO.

Don’t think that all you need to do is find the right education sector job board for all your recruiting problems to be over. The best sites for a lecturer won’t be the best ones for a manager, and when it comes to recruiting, the deeper the pool you trawl the better.

More is better when it comes to recruiting from job boards

One of our clients is a well-established college group based in the north east of England. In 2016, we helped them advertise for 238 vacancies, for which they attracted a total of 11,073 applicants.

Around 82% of those applicants (9080 people) came through 17 different job boards, while the rest were found from onlyFE talent scouting, candidate searches.

We took a look at those stats and found that the highest performing board took 35% of the total share (3160 applicants).

You might conclude that if our client just had to find the right job board for the best chance of finding their ideal candidate. Right..? Wrong!

Even if our clients had been discerning (or lucky) enough to pick out that star site from the others, they would still have missed out on 65% of the candidates who applied – that’s 5,920 people, many of whom will have been successful in their application.

So the morale of the story is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A variety of job boards will give you a broader range and number of applicants to choose from.

If you’d like to talk more about effective recruiting strategies feel free to get in touch.

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