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Working Knowledge ‘Staff Immerse’ Events

Last month we came across Working Knowledge; “a social enterprise that exists to open the eyes of business to the young talent available locally,” as they are running events at South Downs College this November and throughout this academic year.

Working Knowledge help Colleges engage relevant employers to co-design and co-deliver the curriculum to “maximise employment opportunities for College learners while evidencing activity against the CIF.” They currently partner with 16 colleges and three schools to provide them with a range of partnership services such as delivering learner-employer programmes, staff training and strategic consultancy. Working Knowledge try to build the College’s capacity to deliver an education to young people that employers value and actively recruit from. They work to change the culture of staff, students and employers through training and motivation.


What happens on the day?

Staff from a selection of curriculum subject areas are grouped with business professionals from relevant industries to take part in a series of “facilitated conversations” and workshops to address the challenges faced by employers looking for skilled new employees. The idea is to provide a platform for Businesses and Colleges to suggest ways they could better engage with each other to make sure Colleges are giving pupils the skills and experience potential employers are looking for.

Key aims:

• to help the staff become more aware of the needs of industry
• to make curriculum more relevant to the work place
• to build links between the College and local employers

Get involved – Local Business

Working Knowledge are keen for more local Business Volunteers to get involved their upcoming events. There is no preparation needed before the day, all you need to do is register a profile through the Harrow event page here or Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College event page here. Lunch and a networking session will be provided to all volunteers.

Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College are particularly keen to engage with professionals who have backgrounds in: Business, Finance, Health and Care, ICT and Creative industries.

Harrow College are particularly keen to engage with professionals who have backgrounds in: Business, Health & Wellbeing (Health & Social Care, Hair & Beauty), Creative Arts, ICT and Science (STEM) industries.

Get involved – College

You can find out more about Working Knowledge and how your College can get involved on their website here.

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