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Are you mobile enough to recruit in 2016?

Rise of the mobile

The average person checks their mobile device 221 times per day and its fair to say

In April 2015 mobile usage overtook desktop usage for UK Adults
the mobile phone has inserted itself into every part of our lives. Now most of us use them as our address book, music collection, video camera, GPS, social media manager, gameboy, and device for making texts, calls and emails, to name just some of its jobs. Phones have totally transformed our lives, so its no surprise they’re also transforming the way companies hire and the way applicants apply to jobs.



In the candidates hand…

In fact, one of the biggest recruitment trends we’ve clocked in 2015 is the rise in job seekers using their mobile phones for every step of the job hunting process.

This often starts right at the beginning with candidates browsing the internet on their mobiles to discover more about particular job roles, then doing initial searches on job sites (sometimes using apps) and compiling a shortlist. Next up is the deeper research that takes candidates onto College websites and social media pages, and again this is now often done on mobile devices. A fair few applicants even go through the process of applying for roles using their phones!

We have seen this development clearly in the analytics on our own website. If we compare mobile and tablet usage to a year ago, we see the number of people visiting our website using a mobile phone has increased 3 X more than the number of people using desktops, and the number of people using tablets has increased nearly 2 X more!

This trend is such a big one that Google has changed their algorithm so that mobile-friendly websites are displayed ahead of non-friendly sites, to give searchers a better user experience.



So what does this mean for your College?

Back in 2013 Glassdoor did a study called ‘Rise of Mobile Job Search‘ which demonstrated that 9/10 job seekers search for jobs via mobile, and LinkedIn undertook a study that showed “72% of job seekers visited a company website from their device (whilst) 45% have applied for a position from their device.” With the increases in mobile browsing (partly helped by the growth of 3G and 4G networks) since then, these figures will only have risen further, demonstrating that if your College doesn’t have a mobile friendly website and applications portal, you could be missing out on key talent for your team.



Why so important

When you consider this change along with the other key trend we’ve noticed this year – the skills gap with worker supply not meeting current demand – it becomes even more obvious why this it is so important. This lack of candidates means Colleges cannot afford to miss out on any talent! 2015 has been a year of a candidate driven marketplace and we expect this will carry on into 2016 at least, so you need to be doing everything you can to generate applicants and fill your roles, which includes making sure your website is mobile optimised and responsive to make the candidate journey as easy as possible.

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